Saturday, August 17, 2013

Upcoming Topics

I made a post on My Facebook requesting some topics to write about.

Here are a few suggestions to get me started.

Judgemental Church People
Food Bringing Families Together
How did I get interested in sewing
How do schedule and organize my day & home
Baby Veronica (and the Indian Child Welfare Act)

This is plenty to give me something to focus on a while. I have a lot of personal experience in all these topics. I will be very brutal and honest. (as always ♥ XOXO)

Thursday, August 15, 2013


My Husband is the gardener around here! I love him for being so dedicated to it. This year our garden yielded quite a bit of harvest. Because of all our past years of experience in gardening.I have such a deep respect for those in the agriculture industry. It's so easy to take for granted that when you need a tomato or some lettuce you can just go to the store and buy what you need. Meanwhile some where out in a vast green field there is a farmer who worked diligently to till his land, plant seed and take care of that garden just so we can have a salad with our dinner.

Our children absolutely love the garden. When my husband and I go out to pick vegetables they love to tag along with their bowls and buckets and help us. It's very interesting to teach them patience. Sometimes they would pick a green tomato and we would have to remind them it's not ripe yet. They got better at remembering to not pick the green tomato's as summer time went along. It's the hands on experience they get that will help them build memories and educate them so if they get the notion to grow a garden when they are adults it will be easy and fun for them.

Our Garden is a like a magical place. The moment we step inside the gate the whole place becomes an enchanted world. I forget I live in a city. I forget the worries of the day. I lose track of time. I feel like a kid again when I step among the tall stalks of okra and tomato plants and feel the soil beneath my bare feet. The kids play games of follow the leader and hide and seek and there is nothing sweeter than to hear them giggle when they're trying to be sneaky and hide. Laughter always gives away the best hiding spots. They catch grasshoppers and lady bugs. They call the rows "halls". Most of every thing is taller than them. So stalk's and branches are like walls. They grace through the green corridors with their imaginations and sweet little voices. They love their time in the garden as much as I do.

We planted okra, cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkins, three kinds of tomato's, bell peppers, yellow squash, cayenne peppers, jalepeno's, lettuce and radishes.

My favorites are fried squash and fried okra, sliced tomato's, slice cucumber and fresh lettuce.

Next year I plan to have corn, peas and green beans too!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

What I Did For My Birthday This Year

I got my very first tattoo (it's located on the inside of my left wrist)......This was a big decision for me. I was nervous and scared.
I had thought about getting a tattoo for years. I knew when I made up my mind to do it I would have to get something that I know that I would never ever regret!
The Yankees have been my favorite baseball team since I was 11.
I don't care how bad their season is I root for them all the way.
If their down 0-4 in the 9th inning you better believe I still think they can win it!
I will never be one of those people who jump on a bandwagon for a team just because a particular team wins a World Series. I don't care if the Yankees finish last in their division they are still #1 to me!
I sport this tattoo with pride!

I also got my nails done prior to getting this tattoo.....My husband also took me out for dinner and I went on a shopping spree and got 4 new pairs of jeans, some cute tops, a pair of shoes, jewelry and a new purse!

This tattoo was the highlight of the day!

Let me tell ya.......It hurt but it wasn't too bad! It healed up nicely and I am currently planning on what my next tattoo will be.

Summer Fun

We try to do as many activities with our kids as we can. Sometimes we don't even have to set foot out of the yard to have a good time. Our youngest 4 are homebodies! They love home! This summer we had a back yard camp out, played in the sprinklers, played hide n seek in the garden, got a new kiddie pool, made bird feeders, had picnic's in the back yard, caught fireflies....oh the fun is endless. These times bring great joy to my heart. Most of these photo's feature our 4 youngest. Usually our two oldest are with friends as typical teenagers are. 
I put together a few collages of some of our summer fun. 

Nick and Ryan enjoy their S'mores during our backyard campout.
This was the night of the Super Moon. 

The boys always enjoy catching fireflies.
This particular night we caught 14 of them. 

We made some birdfeeders.
Bought our birdseed at Family Dollar, The pine cones came from a neighbors yard .
1. We tied string on the pinecones first
2. Then we  slathered on peanut butter on each pine cone using a spoon
3. We poured the birdseed onto some paper plates and then rolled the peanut butter covered pine cones in it
4. We hung them in various places around our house. 

The kids enjoyed an afternoon in the sprinklers down below our vegetable garden.

We bought a 20 dollar pool at Walmart
This brought the kids hours of fun and they sure got tanned too! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

10 Things I Hope To Be Remembered For

1) I Loved Jesus...not the phrase "Oh I went to church with her".....but the attributes of Jesus that showed in my life! I know I have failed God quite a few times. But overall......I took my chastisements from him. Let him lift me up again and no matter what I was tenacious in my belief's and that I was always grateful for what he did for me personally. How he healed my body, my mind and my spirit! Overall I want to be remembered as a testimony for what he came to this Earth for and his power was manifested in my life. He came into the life of an imperfect person in an imperfect world and gave me hope and laughter when I was in despair. Most people don't know that I dealt with suicidal thoughts after the death of my twin sister in 1998. Jesus brought me out of all of that and gave me a reason to live again! 
2)Good Wife 
3)Good Mother
4)Good Daughter & Sister 
5)Loyal Friend
6) I was truly Passionate about People (I was always genuine & thoughtful and that I was always able to keep the common touch with all people from all walks of life and always try to build up others through kind words and actions). 
7) Sense Of Humor
8) Creative Spirit 
9) Adventurous (that I was always Brave & Open Minded). I might have been girly and squeamish but I kept myself open to try new adventures! 
10) Any outward expression of my style. Because what I put my hand forth to do honestly is the mirror of how I feel in my soul. Whether it was fashion, home decor (things that were expressive of my graceful/elegant side). I want to be remembered as Classy, Graceful and Elegant! It's the trifecta of true STYLE....I like that quote Beauty and Fashions Fade but Style is Eternal. Audrey Hepburn is iconic of this! She will always be remembered for her timeless style! I want to be remembered like that! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

What Do You Think People Misunderstand Most About You!

I value loyalty in relationships above all else.......I don't care if people are black, white, fat, skinny, gay, straight, rich or poor.........If they stick by me no matter what. That's what matters most to me.

If I feel like someone is not being honest......I give it time. Sooner or later I figure who is truly loyal and who isn't. If your not loyal AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT..... and especially NOT THIS GIRL! I cut ties with no regrets!

People think I have bossy, dominating traits.....WRONG AGAIN! I just call people out on their B.S. and their fake flaky ways and I'm not afraid of confrontation and most people are not used to that so when someone comes along who calls them out they don't like it! So they stoop to name calling and labeling me just to take the focus off of themselves.

Wanna find out someone's true colors? Pick a week or two and don't answer your phone or make any phone calls.......or in most people's case since facebook is their "everything".......try deleting someone off your facebook. Oh, people hate that.....LOL! "Omg, Gloria deleted me off her facebook"....SO, who cares? It's just facebook. If a person was a good enough friend anyway they would know my phone #......they would know my address and know that I welcome people into my home anytime. Nah, instead they'd rather rant on what a b*@#h they think I am. I am okay with that because atleast I got a handle on what's important in my life. I have a sweet loving husband who loves and tells me I am the most beautiful woman in the world, he supports my dreams and goals, I have 6 amazing & beautiful children who are my whole world and some really awesome lifelong friends. I stay busy.....I'm happy......I am fulfilled.......I thrive even more because I know what circle of friends I keep close to me are loyal and honest!

What Is My Love Language?

When I came across this topic I wasn't sure what it meant....but with the help of friends and good ol google I found a website where you can take a quiz to help you discover what your love language is.
Discover Your Love Language

The quiz consists of several questions that help you discover what your love language is.

Mine top result was Receiving Gifts and 2nd is Quality Time. At first I thought Receiving gifts? How shallow of me?
But not so!!! It has nothing to do with's the thoughtfulness that counts. I love little surprises. My husband and I have date nights and he always loves to take me shopping for new clothes and a new purse. While, I completely adore him for doing this.......I also like random surprises.

Yes, I'll admit that I used to be a brat and if he bought me something I didn't like I'd exchange it. I have gotten better through the years to graciously accept whatever he wants to give me. Most people aren't as lucky as I am. I am blessed to have such a great guy who flirts with me in public and loves to hold my hand and loves being with me. That is one area in our marriage where I don't lack. He outwardly demonstrates his affection for me. I like our late night talks and just random togetherness......even if it's just us out back in the garden harvesting vegetables and the rare times I am willing to put on all camo and sit quietly with him in a tree stand during deer season. Just being near him makes me smile!